Building is foremost a cultural activity. We express ideas and values about ourselves, about craftsmanship or about community. Our dreams and hopes are visible by the way we create and use spaces.

To think about space is to consider the entirety of human experience as holistically as possible. We focus on the built and at the same time consider the unbuilt. We are aware of the ethical and economical implication of our decisions.

Architecture is about the context it is concieved in. Every project has these roots engrained and we are interested in making them visible.

Alex Ladda

Born in 1982 in Hamburg, Germany - Alex Ladda studied architecture at ETH Zurich. In 15 years of practice in Switzerland he was involved in numerous projects of all scales.

His experience reaches from small and delicate interventions in historic buldings to large urban design projects. He has a strong footing in conceptual design and extensive experience in managing demanding projects.

After arriving in Indonesia in 2020 Alex developed a strong bond to the land and the people developed, ripening the decision to establish an architecture practice in Ubud, Bali.


We have been blessed to collaborate with talented and energetic experts.

  • Natalia Margalinda
  • Santi Widiya
  • Wisnu Wisnawa
  • Sasqia Ardelianca
  • Gita Loretta

If you are an architect or interior designer, construction specialist or if you have other talents that you would like to bring to our studio, please submit your application to us in PDF format at any time.

We are currently looking for a Project Manager.

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